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The nose has many functions, which are important. It is a central feature on the face and can be small short, long and slim, or wide and flat or with a jump or bump. Either way rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries carried out through the world. 

Surgical rhinoplasty isn’t for everyone because of large cost and healing time. However small improvements can be made with filler, by depositing it in specific areas to beautify the nose. 

Improvements can be made to a droopy nose by creating a lift aka the tinker-bell lift, a bump can be worked around to give the bridge of the nose a straighter look. Anti-wrinkle treatment can also be used to reduce the flaring of nostrils by relaxing the muscles that flare the nostrils. 

A comprehensive consultation will be carried out so we can develop a treatment plan for your your desired nose shape.

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