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Lower Jaw


The lower jaw ageing process is due to the shrinking of the jaw bone, the shrinking of the fat tissue and migration of the fat pads from the mid face to the lower jaw. Marionette lines are formed and jowls become obvious. Skin laxity and all of the aforementioned create a bulging saggy lower jawline. 

How can this be improved? I use fillers to stretch the tissue below the skin backwords and forwards, working from the angle of the jaw all the way to the chin. 

A comprehensive consultation will be carried out so I can develop a treatment plan. The joy of this treatment is the results are instant, although results vary from patient to patent. Please note if you suffer from severe laxity in the tissues in and around the jawline, this treatment will not be suitable. 


This is an example of what can be achieved with jawline fillers. Results may vary from person to person

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