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Mid Face & Cheeks


Our cheeks are moulds of youth, high and tapered or plump and wide in our youth. Unfortunately due to ageing of the bone, shrinkage (atrophying) of the fat pads and loss of elasticity our cheeks loose volume and can become flat. 

If you want to avoid surgery where you can have fat transplanted into your cheeks, a very invasive method, fillers can be used in a safe method. Fillers will contour and plump up the cheeks. Nonetheless, dermal fillers don’t have permanent results and you’ll likely need repeated injections every year or so. They can sometimes last longer it depends on the individual. 

Your cheeks move with your smile and light up your face. Fillers in this area will give you back a nice curve commonly known a the Ogee Curve a bit like the letter S better seen from a side profile. Look in the mirror to see if you have plump or flat cheeks, have you lost your Ogee curve?

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Another satisfying ‘side effect’ of treating the cheeks is that the filler will help in correcting the nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds), which become more prominent with ageing. 

A comprehensive consultation will be carried out so we can develop a treatment plan for your desired look to help build cheekbones or apples of the cheeks.


This beautiful client in her lates 50s wasn’t happy with her cheeks being deflated. With a subtle amount of filler you can see how the results are instant.

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